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Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #1

May laughter surround you
May love fill each day
May your troubles be small
As you go on your way
May friendships be strong
May life bring you luck
And for a kind word
May you never be stuck
These wishes we send
Especially for you
With hope in our hearts
May each one come true

With lots of love
from Grandma and Granddad


Poetry Verse #2
To the proud Grandparents 

What a joy to be a mother
Or a father just the same
To see the little bundle who grows up
To take your name
But how joyous is the feeling
When this little child is grown
And bestows on you great treasures
Grandchildren of your own


Grandson Granddaughter
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Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #3

A Granddaughter is so special 
She will fill your life with love 
Like a rainbow made with sunshine 
When rain falls from above 
Precious memories she will give you 
Many heartaches and some tears 
She's a treasure that is priceless 
That will last you all your years 


Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #4

A beautiful granddaughter at last 
You'll fill our lives with bliss
Your mommy will tuck you in your cot 
And give your cheek a kiss

From the first word that you utter
To every little sound you make
Will be a memory forever
Like the first step that you take.

Welcome, welcome to our lovely granddaughter


Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #5

God had somthing to say
So he sent an angel my way
A grandson (granddaughter) to love
Directly from heaven above

(John) (Jill) is so happy and carefree
No greater love could there be
As he (she) grows from day to day
I know God sent an angel my way


Grandson Granddaughter
Poetry Verse #6

Grandson (Granddaughter) Recipe

Take a sprinkling of magic fairy dust
And an angel's white feather
Add a dash of loving care
Then mix them all together
Add a sweet sentiment or two
Some stardust, ground down fine
What you'll get is a fantastic
Grandson (Granddaughter), just like mine


Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #7

Last night when you said your prayer,
And your clothes were folded on the chair,
And your mommy (mummy) switched off the light,
You were still (four) years old last night.
But, from the very break of day,
Before the children rose to play,
Before the darkness turned to gold,
Today, you're now (five) years old.

Happy Birthday


Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #8

Strawberry creams and wonderful dreams, 
Ladylike airs and teddy bears, 
Fairy tales and wedding veils,
Thats what granddaughters are made of.


Granddaughter poems 

Poetry Verse #9

now I am five 

Please, everybody, look at me!
Today I'm five years old, you see!
And after this, I won't be four,
Not ever, ever, any more!
I won't be three or two or one,
For that was when I'd first begun.
Now I'll be five awhile, and then 
I'll soon be something else again.


Poem Verse #10

When it comes to grandsons (granddaughters)
There's lots of them about
But you're the very very best
Of that, there is no doubt


poem verse #11

A granddaughter is
a rainbow on a rainy day
a golden ray of sun shine
a twinkling star in the night sky
someone who makes everything
just a little bit special
Happy 1st Birthday!



Hello there Little Birthday Boy
It's time for having fun...
And you're so good,
Your 6th birthday should be
An extra-happy one!

Happy Birthday ( Name)


happy birthday to a little boy so dear!
hope you have a birthday filled with bithday cheer,
you've grown older by a whole year!

birthday wishes from everyone!
hope you have loads of birthday fun!
happy birthday (name)



We wish you well 
In all you do 
You know we are 
So proud of you 

Keep this card safe 
It holds so much love 
Which in our heart beats
Like the wings of a dove 

Enjoy your life 
Have lots of fun 
You are our very 


a special sort of happiness is wished right here for you
not only on your birthday
but the whole year through
Happy 1st Birthday!


Here's a great big wish
for a day full of fun
for a special granddaughter
who is now one!
Happy Birthday!


Grandson (Granddaughter) is a lovely word
That always brings to mind
Memories of the happiest
And very warmest kind!
Thoughts of you bring memoriesT
hrough each passing year,
You've been the kind of Grandson (Granddaughter)
Who's especially sweet and dear.
If you could read my heartT
hen you would surely see
With every day that passes by
You mean still more to me.


Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #15

This card isn't good enough
As I think it oughta
It oughta be more special
For my special granddaughter


Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #16

Grandaughter you are (five)
What more can I say
Youre becoming more special
Each and every day
So blow out your candles
One by one
Enjoy your birthday 
And have lots of fun 


Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #17

Grandsons (granddaughters) are angels 
Sent from above 
To fill our heart 
With unending love.


Grandson Granddaughter
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Poetry Verse #18

Hope your day is filled with fun
And lots of nice things too
Because today is special
And what's more, So Are you!



Let this day bring joy to you
And all the people around too


The best granddaughter poems verses quotes

A granddaughter is a gift of love.


A granddaughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart. .


With a world of love, 
This greeting comes today,
To wish you Happy Birthday (Jack)(Jill)
In a very special way, 
To wish you lots of happiness
And good luck all year too, 
And finally to say 
I (we) really do love you

Lots of love from
Nan and Grandad


Wishing a granddaughter 
Who's a Princess (that's you)
A birthday that makes
All your dreams come true.
With magical moments
Surprises and laughter.
And smiles to your heart
To keep ever after!

Wishing A lovely Birthday.
To a Special Grandaughter


Your birthday seems the perfect time, 
To say a word or two,
About how nice it is to have
A Grandson (Granddaughter) just like you
It also is the perfect chance
To send this wish your way,
For all life’s best and finest things,
Today and everyday.


Happy Birthday To a Grandson 
Who couldn't be loved more.
You are loved for:

The little boy you were,
The special man you are now,
And the precious Grandson you will always be


With a world of love, 
This greeting comes today, 
To wish you Happy Birthday 
In a very special way, 

To wish you lots of happiness 
And good luck all year too,
And finally to say it's great 
To have a Grandson (Granddaughter) like you! 

Have a wonderful day!


Long before we knew you,
We guessed it would be sweet
To have a little Grandson (Granddaughter),
Playing at our feet.

Then you came and smiled that smile, 
In your special way
We weren’t really prepared, 
But you won our hearts that day.

Thought it would wear off in time, 
But that just wasn’t so
You simply make us prouder, 
Each day we watched you grow.

Now go and find those great things,
The world still holds in store,
Our special love goes with you,
For we couldn’t love or wish you more.


Our grandson's (granddaughter's) an Angel, 
That flew to the earth.
His (her) wings dissapeared
At the time of his (her) birth.
One look in his (her) eyes
and I've (we've) not been the same,
He's (she's) part of me (us) now 
And that part has a name.
That part is my (our) heart
And a bond that won't sever,
My (Our) grandson's (granddaughter's) an Angel
I (we) love him (her) forever


Dear grandson today's your wedding day
Your world is bright and new
And all good wishes come your way 
For joy your whole life through 
As you have grown throughout the years 
And turned into a man, 
We've had our share of smiles and tears,
All part of life's great plan 
But every moment we have known 
will stay with us forever, 
A special love that's grown and grown
And bonded us together 
But now the day has come at last 
To make a whole new start,
And though you won't forget the past, 
A new love fills your heart
So lots of love and may your dreams 
Continue coming true
May happiness and all it means
Be forever be with you 


Today (dear grandson),
As you walk down the aisle 
You'll see all the faces 
Wearing a smile.
But as we remember 
Those young tender years
Our smiles will conceal
A few hidden tears.
They're not tears of sorrow,
But tears full of joy 
As we're both thinking back 
To our dear little boy 
And now you have grown up 
And made us so proud 
As you smile for the camera
And the rest of the crowd 
Remember dear (name)
As you take your new wife 
You're still very much a part of our life!
We're gaining a granddaughter.
Not losing a grandson, 
You're new lives as husband and wife
Have begun 
So be blissfully happy 
And enjoy your 'Big Day' 
Have a wonderful marriage 
With a rose strewn way! 


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